WP1: Euregional outbreak management

  • Information and communication plan
  • Liaisonpool 

WP2: Tools

  • Euregional monitoring and early warning system
  • Administrative learning table
  • Web application for information exchange
  • Web application for rapid emergency response request
  • Interlinking of fleet mapping systems within the dispatch centers in the EMR

WP3: Studies and legal advice

  • Outbreak research
  • Legal consequences of ambulances and IC-transports
  • Restrictions on cross-border procurement
  • An investigation into the possibilities of collaboration between IC departments of the hospitals in Dutch and Belgian Limburg, the Aachen region and Liège
  • Legal assistance in other WP’s 

WP4: Euregional supply chain and tests

  • Providing protection gear for first line operators
  • Inventory of reliable supply sources and its promotion (incl. test results, etc. when applicable)
  • Euregional production chain
  • Cross-border PCR-testing