WP2: Tools

The aim of work package 2 is to support work package 1 with euregional outbreak management by developing web-based tools.

There is a need for reliable information at euregional level related to the outbreak, web-based tools will facilitate coordination and exchange of information between the regions in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine  (EMR).

This will be achieved by:
1. The development of a web-based Euregional early warning and monitoring system for COVID-19 and other future threats to the health and safety of the population.

Such an early warning and monitoring system will make it possible for the organisations within EMRIC to identify public health threats at an early stage and will also make it possible to monitor the situation on a euregional scale. 

2. The development of an administrative learning table that will show the crisis systems in the countries concerned.

The target group are the administrators of the organisations within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine that are legally responsible for crisis management (these are the partners united in the EMRIC cooperation). A better knowledge of the competences and responsibilities of each other’s organisations and of each other will improve the exchange of information and thus joint action in the event of a crisis. 
3. The development of a web application for information exchange, disaster and crisis management.

This web application will considerably speed up the application for cross-border assistance and the exchange of information between the fire and emergency response dispatch centers in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Old excel sheets will be replaced by this tool. 

4. The development and implementation of a web application for rapid emergency requests between the hospitals in the EMR.

The web application makes it possible to respond more quickly to emergency requests between the hospitals in the EMR and is in line with the expansion of the collaboration between the hospitals mentioned in work package 1.

5. Cross-border interlinking of fleet mapping systems within the EMR dispatch centers.

As soon as the fleet mapping systems of the different EMR monitoring stations are interconnected, the availability of emergency vehicles can be seen in a clear overview on a euregional scale. This facilitates cross-border cooperation in the field of emergency assistance.

This means: Creating an Euregional early warning and monitoring system Improving cross border cooperation for crisis response Developing web-based tools